Playing Blackjack

Of all the online casino games, the game of Blackjack is one of the most popular. Rivaling even the most sought out Australia pokies games, Blackjack has attracted a dedicated following online. That is because the basic game of Blackjack is known throughout the world. People play Blackjack on every continent and in land-based casinos, it is a top draw. By playing Blackjack as one of the online casino games, you get to take advantage of the great flexibility and convenience that the Internet can offer. Now, you can play Blackjack at any time of the day or night, on any day of the year. You can play from the home or office or with a mobile, you can play on the go. The game technology has progressed so far that the combination of superb graphics and smooth, easy to follow game play means that Blackjack may become your favorite of all the online casino games after just a few rounds.

Basics of Blackjack

The game of online Blackjack does not differ significantly from other forms of Blackjack. This is not just another one of the Australia pokies. It is the classic game. You face the dealer, not other players. As the game begins, you must make an initial bet. Then you click or tap on the deal tab. You are given two cards. If you have an Ace and a ten value card (Jack, Queen, or King) you have a Blackjack and are an immediate winner. You are paid out and can either withdraw this money or use it to place a new bet. If you do not get a Blackjack, you may keep taking cards until you decide to stand. The object is to come closer to the number twenty-one than the dealer, without going over. If you take one card too many and it outs you over, then you are bust and you lose. So many people stop taking cards when the value of the hand (the value of all the cards added together) reaches around seventeen. In most online casinos, the dealer must stand at seventeen. Other rules like the double down or splitting hands may apply depending on the specific rules of the online casino in which you are playing. So make sure to read up before you start to play. But that is essentially the game of Blackjack that everyone loves so much and is gaining as much attention as Australia pokies.