Jurassic Park Online Pokies

New Pokies Games with New Style Options

The Jurassic Park Online Pokies game is one of the new style online pokies games offering five reels and 243 ways to win. The game is part of the wide choice of Australia slots real money games that can also be played for fun or practice. Players who are interested in the new pokies games can try them out for fun before placing real money bets. This gives them a chance to familiarize themselves with the game and understand the different bonus options and special features that the game offers. Jurassic Park Online Pokies starts with a dramatic movie that reminds players of the theme of the game with highlights from the actual movie of the same name.  In this introductory movie players meet the six main dinosaurs of the game that make up part of the bonus features together with the Theropod and also the two main human characters that worked and developed Jurassic Park.

Wild and Scatter Wins

This game like all good pokies offers a wild symbol and a scatter symbol. The wild symbol is denoted by the logo of the game and in the base game this wild can take the place of other symbols to make up a winning line. It also stacks to give players even more winning opportunities. The scatter symbol is a stone of amber that seems to have a small insect embedded inside of it. Amber is actually resin from insects that over the period of thousands of years has solidified to form a semi-precious stone. The scatter symbol when appearing in multiples of two or more on the screen offers handsome multiplying payouts with the highest payout being awarded for five of these symbols on the screen- players receive 1500 coin multiplier. Three or more of the scatter resins triggers the bonus free spins feature. Each time the player has three or more of the scatter symbols on screen he is awarded 12 free spins and one of the six dinosaur bonus features. These features are awarded at random but after the 25th trigger of the free spins, players can choose which of the six dinosaur bonus features they want to enjoy.

Six Dinosaurs Equals Six Different Bonus Options

Together with the 12 free spins players receive one of the dinosaurs and the bonus options that it offers for the duration of the free spins. Tyrannosaurus Rex appearing during the free spins turns up to 5 reels wild. Velociraptor offers multiplying wilds and split wilds when appearing on the screen. Brachiosaurus offers a mystery multiplier for each free spin that ranges from 2x up to 6x. Triceratops offers running wilds that grow with each time they appear on the screen and Dilophosaurus offers random winning wilds that appear during the free spins. The different dinosaur characters really come in to their own element in the bonus feature with the many different features of each beast shining through. The bonuses do not stop with the free spins and the wild wins, there is also a total random feature that is activated when the Theropod is randomly released from his hiding cave. This is the T- Rex alert mode that lasts for six spins and adds 35 wilds to the screen. During these six spins the extra wilds offer more winning chances to the player. In addition to all of the bonus features that Jurassic Park Online Pokies offers there is also an auto play option. Auto play allows for the player to preset the number of spins that he wants the game to run for consecutively. The player can stop the auto play at any time and continue with manual spins. Playing new pokies games is always an exciting experience and with the clips from the original movie that are incorporated into the introduction to these slots, Australians receive an incredible experience. The australian slots real money games known as pokies including the Jurassic Park Online Pokies can be reviewed before the player downloads the casino and games and can also be tried out for fun but once the player gets to know the game even just a little bit he will want to enjoy the real money game immediately with all of the benefits that it offers.