Major Millions Aussie Pokies Fun

Major Millions

Whether you're looking for a great military theme from your mobile pokies, or you just want an awesome game on the go, Major Millions Aussie pokies is the game for you. This is a simple 3 reel and 3 payline mobile game that offers all sorts of great chances to win and great advantages. It has a fixed value of 1 credit and it allows you to wager up to three coins. For this reason, it's not a game that requires a large output - but it is one that offers an awesome reward if you're lucky!

Major Million Details

The Major Millions slot game has simple and traditional symbols including cherries, 7s and other symbols. If you get one cherry you’ll be rewarded with two coins, while you'll get 15 coins if you have three cherries. Now, with this Aussie pokies game, three red 7s will get you 400 coins! Watch out, however, for the Major Millions symbols, as they pack the most punch for the mobile pokies game. If you've got three of them on the first payline, you'll have 25,000 coins. If you've found them at the Aussie pokies game on the second payline, you'll have 50,000 coins. And, brace yourself if you have them on the third payline. Then, with Major Millions mobile pokies you’ll have won the Major Millions progressive jackpot!

Progressive Fun with Major Millions

Of course, the progressive feature of the Major Millions mobile pokies game adds to the fun and excitement. As you play, you'll see the jackpot grow and grow. Each time that other people play the jackpot grows even more, adding to the fun of the Aussie pokies game. And then, you just might be the lucky winner! Keep in mind that, with the Major Millions progressive jackpot, you've got to have three coins wagered to be eligible for the Major Millions jackpot.

Fun with Aussie Pokies

Another great advantage with the Major Millions mobile pokies game is that you can take it on the go. Whether you're playing on an iPad, iPod, Android or iPhone, you'll always have your Major Millions in your pocket and ready to play! This creates convenience that can't be beat as you enjoy the vivid graphics, the great sound effects and the chances to win right in the palm of your hand.