Poli Online Banking Alternative

The Poli digital banking alternative allows you to initiate quick and easy banking transactions with a few clicks on your screen. Registration for Poli is free, making it an inexpensive Internet banking option that players can use without linking their payments to their personal credit card or managing any type of bank account. Using Poli for all online banking needs allows Aussie pokies players to make safe and secure deposits and withdrawals at an online casino in Australia.

Using POLi at an Online Casino in Australia

Poli works with banks that have the Pay Anyone payment alternative. This includes the leading Australian banks including ANZ, Bank of Melbourne, People's Choice Credit Union, St. George Bank, BankWest, CUA, Bendigo Bank  and the Bank of Queensland. Using the POLi Link functionality you can quickly initiate your online deposit at your casino by selecting "Poli" as your preferred  online banking alternative when you make your first casino deposit. Select your local Australian bank and log into your account. The bank's Pay Anyone functionality allows you to transfer your payment to your online casino through a POLi transaction. Poli will automatically populate the payment details at the casino's bank. All you need to do is to confirm the payment and you're ready to start playing your favorite pokies, table, card or lotto online casino games.  

Computer Compatibility for Pokies Players

POLi suggests that users check their computer system's compatibility to ensure that the system will support the POLi web browser and allow them to access the payment alternatives. Register for a POLi account and install the POLi web browser. Compatible computers are those with a Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or above, a compatible browser and a Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Server 2003 or Server 2008 operating system. You can run a computer check with POLi to ensure that your computer meets these requirements. The installation process will guide you through the process of installing the file when you make your first payment. Casino withdrawals are conducted through the Poli service as well, enabling clients to use their casino winnings for purchases through numerous online and offline merchants.

Poli assures its clients of a safe and secure online banking alternative at their online casino choice. The POLi web browser includes advanced security features which ensure that a client's banking details will remain protected. Your personal banking details for your local land-based bank, including your banking username and password, are never revealed when you make a POLi transfer, further protecting your banking privacy.

Clients and potential clients can contact Poli for further clarifications and information. Support is available by writing to [email protected].