Riviera Riches Mobile Pokies

Riviera Riches Mobile Pokies

All Slots Casino has some very exciting news. They now have the amazing Riviera Riches mobile pokies. This means that players can enjoy the Riviera Riches game just as they have at the online casino in the past – but they can now enjoy Aussie mobile pokies as well. And they can play them on the mobile platforms that include the iPhone, the iPad, Android devices and more. Certainly, with the Riviera Riches mobile pokies players will love the combination in this game of playing a slots game that also has a roulette portion to it. And while they’ve already been enjoying the game at the online casino, they will find even more convenience with the mobile pokies format.

Starting to Play

The Riviera Riches mobile pokies game shows the glamour of the French Riviera. It’s a five reel and 15 payline mobile pokies game that captures the look and feel of being in the Riviera. Symbols here include women who look elegant and refined, all sorts of luxurious cars and other fancy items. The Riviera Riches Logo is the wild one here and it can substitute for others in the Aussie mobile pokies game. In addition, on its own it’s a high paying symbol. If you’ve got five of these logo symbols on enabled paylines you’ll get a major jackpot of 1500 times your bet.

More Playing Fun

With the Riviera Riches mobile pokies game there is even more to enjoy. The scatter symbol is the pile of overflowing chips and money. If you have two or more of them on the five reels you’ll get a payout, which is a great way to get something for not very much work. If you’ve got three of these scatter symbols with this All Slots mobile pokies game, you’ll get 12 free spins with payouts that are tripled.

Bonus Fun

While you’ll certainly love the slots portion of the Riviera Riches mobile pokies, the extra fun begins when you get to the bonus area. Here, you’ll be presented with a roulette room and you’ll get two spins. For each of the spins, you place a bet on one number and then extra bets will automatically be placed for you. You’ll also be guaranteed a payout of at least quadruple your total bet for being in the roulette bonus game. All of this creates great fun and an amazing experience for All Slots mobile pokies players.

Getting in the Fun

All of this has already been a blast for Riviera Riches players at the online casino. Now, with the mobile pokies format, players can have even more fun and enjoy even more Aussie mobile pokies opportunities. As David Brickman, the Vice President of Player Affairs with All Slots said, “We are quite excited about Riviera Riches coming to mobile. This game has been a favorite since its launch on PC in 2011, and no doubt its popularity will only grow with the opportunity to play it on all devices. Indeed, players will love the chance to enjoy mobile pokies and to have a blast with the Riviera Riches at the All Slots mobile pokies site.

It's hard to describe to anyone who isn't already on the mobile platform just how user-friendly this platform is and how much fun it is to play. Once you're connected, you'll see that you can play no matter where you are. Play at the airport while you wait for a flight, at the barber, at the dry cleaners and everywhere else in between. You can feel like you're in the Riviera no matter what your location actually is!